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the drunken engineer

I Hate Calc II

And so do many others who pass through the halls at RyeHi. But whatever. Got an email from Sleazy, looks like the old site will be buried. We can't get in to change it. Which is the bollocks, but whatever. So if you've been here, nothing works. That'll get changed hopefully by the weekend when Im not studying. Fucking Calculus. Anyways probably have Calc II updated as I need some of that shit to study with and the other first year courses as well. Also since the courses have been changed since Sleazy's time, changes will be made to the content and courses listed. Next to that, nothing is goin on. Im outta here.

June 9, 2008

Back And Running

It is the return of the Drunken Engineer. Sleazy has given me the keys to the old beast, but its fucked up hard. So I'm throwing this together quickly as possible incase Sleazy can't figure out how to get past the stupid family membership shit. So this is the back up version if you didnt figure that out. Anyways I have some new shit to post for problem sets, exams and midterms. Its mostly MTH 240 cause thats what I'm doing right now. But digging up some MTH 141 and other stuff shouldn't be too difficult. If you have shit you want to send me hold on to it while myself and Sleazy get this goin again.

June 8, 2008


Now that I have your attention....This FUCKING MESSAGE HAS BEEN HERE SINCE 2002. That is scary. Anyways, I'm back from the dead, and long done Ryerson. I'm trying to get an ad for someone to take over this site into the Golden Ram, but here is as good a place as any. Contact me at if you're interested. Seriously, no dumbasses need apply. Only requirement - you need to be able to code piss drunk, and be willing to put some time into this site, for nothing. Shit, I'll buy you a beer just for taking this on and doing a good job. I had one kid once try to take over and he just fucked it all up, so I changed the password on his pathetic excuse for an engineering ass and haven't touched it since. I've got alot of files kicking around (over a gig worth of shit from EE) that can be added here. Just track me down. Sleazy Dave (hammered and bored)
November 25, 2004
As I'm sure many of you have noticed, there haven't been very many updates as of late. That's mostly because of a lack of time and also a dwindling interest on my part. So, if you think you want to take over the maintenance of this site, let me know. We'll work out an arrangement to pass things over. I'll still want a little bit of control for the first little while (and when I can, I'll add important 3rd and 4th year materials), but otherwise you would be on your own. There is no cost involved in any of this. You won't have to worry about a big mess to deal with either. I spent some time this summer re-writing the whole site from scratch (by hand, in emacs), so the html is readable and simple. Send me an email ( if you might be interested. January 11, 2002
Solutions to ELE532 (Signals) Assignments. December 3, 2001
Added a script to save some time for ELE538 (or any M68HC11 related course) November 15, 2001
Added a bunch of old exams, problem sets and quizzes to the ELE538 page. October 13, 2001
Added a M68HC11 simulator to the ELE538 page....this should allow you simulate all your code without having to go into the labs...haven't figured out to get it to run anything yet - if you do, let me know. September 15, 2001
A moment of silence for all those injured or killed in NYC and Washington today...... also, added a link to a license file for Alter Max+Plus II 10.1 to the ELE-548 page.... September 11, 2001
"I've come a long, long way," she said, "and I will go as far,
With the man who takes me from my horse, and leads me to a bar."
The men who took her from her stead, and stood her to a beer,
Were a bleary-eyed Surveyor and a DRUNKEN ENGINEER.
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